We are a group of former Pageant Queens who devote time and effort to help young people discover their power and resilience. Your generous support can open doors for high school students with great potential but little access to the opportunities that are necessary to achieve social mobility. Our Girl Power programs give adolescent girls holistic support through education.

Student Experiences and Mentorship Programs

Creative learning nurtures all aspects of development which includes building confidence, supporting academic progress and providing skills for life that will bring great joy for all involved. For many young people, lack of access to such training, prohibits them from achieving their lifelong dreams. Our efforts are to offer young people support in a range of training sessions. They will be exposed to Creative Performance opportunities and experiences that will allow them to thrive in a safe nurturing environment.

Little Sista's Programme is a mentoring program that promotes life skills, self-esteem, trust, and social appropriateness. We strive to make a positive and lasting impact on girls in schools, in communities, which extends to their lives as women. We are committed to maximizing our resources to benefit girls to navigate gender biases, social barriers, to grow up healthy, educated, and independent.

Joycie Mederick, National Director
Miss Saint Lucia

Joycie Mederick is an advocate for the development of young people in Saint Lucia with a focus on young women. Nominated for Best Pageant Coach and Producer at the 2019 Global Beauty Awards, Joycie is a former Pageant Queen and professional Model with over 30 years' experience in the Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment industries. She has appeared on many Television and Radio interviews for advice and direction on show business.

Her passion and drive to help others to be well and to live well extends to the garment section. She is the President of the Saint Lucia Fashion Council and former committee Chairperson to National and Community Pageants. Joycie continues to serve as a judge for regional and international Pageants and Carnivals.

Joycie Mederick is the National Director for Miss Universe Saint Lucia and continues to represent many Global Pageant Brands. She shares her knowledge and experiences with great passion through workshops and seminars to assist people in developing a winning spirit for a lifetime.