Dear Applicant,

We are thrilled to invite you to register for Miss Saint Lucia. Please ensure that you have filled the form correctly and you have used the checklist that you have all the requested items with you. Once you have reached the venue for Interviews please proceed to the Welcome Area, where one of our team members will greet you. A short briefing about the schedule of the day will be given to you.

Upon completion of your interview and the casting process has completed, we will endeavor to give you the outcome of your selection process within 10 days.

Thank you for applying.

Good luck.

Kind regards,

Miss Saint Lucia Team

  1. Personal details & Portrait photo
  2. Checklist information page
  3. Section W - Hello & Welcome : Please introduce yourself upon arrival.
  4. Grooming - What do we expect from you and what to bring?
  5. Section H - Hospitality
  6. Section R - Registration, ID or passport required.
  7. Section M - Measurements
  8. Section I - Interview
  9. Section S - Styling
  10. Section T - Terms & Condition and Data Protection.
  11. Section V - Verification, Signature & Goodbye.

Section M - Measurements

  1. Hair colour
  2. Eye colour
  3. Height
  4. Weight

Section P - Photoshoot

Our team of photographers will take three photos of you:

  • Portrait
  • Full length
  • A fun photo

Section R - Registration

Registration team




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Miss Saint Lucia complies with all the Data Protection regulations in the Rep of Saint Lucia.

Should your application be unsuccessful, all the information provided will be deleted.

Your information would not be provided to third parties.

Your vital statistics will be given to our sponsors who will require the information for your wardrobe fittings if you are selected to compete nationally.

 I give consent to Miss Saint Lucia to record, process and validate my personal information and sensitive personal data in line with the data protections in the Saint Lucia and all other legislative provisions for all above points.