Earlyca Frederick, MISS UNIVERSE SAINT LUCIA 2023

Earlyca Frederick hails from the south- western district of Choiseul, the craft capital of Saint Lucia, in a quaint community known as Morne Sion.

This 25 year-old, born in July under the sign of Leo, credits her mom for her initial sense of style, fashion and interest in pageantry, which she first delved into as a 3-year old toddler.

From there it would seem her destiny had chosen her to use the platform of pageantry to inspire and motivate young people in her community, and her beloved Saint Lucia. Incidentally her home of Choiseul when translated means "chosen."

Since then, Earlyca has participated in a number of pageants, including Miss Independence Saint Lucia in 2018 where she was the first runner up. Later that year she won the National Carnival Queen Pageant, in 2019 she placed second at the regional Miss Jaycees Pageant in Antigua and won the Miss OECS title in Dominica that same year. She was also a participant in the 2021 selection of Miss World Saint Lucia.

Participating in and winning the Miss OECS title Earlyca says, was one of those moments in pageantry that stands out for her as it allowed her to showcase her ancestry as well as the island's history and culture and truly be an ambassador for Saint Lucia.

Earlyca is also involved in a number of groups in her community, including the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, the Catholic youth group Chosen Stones as well as the church choir. She has also served on the National Youth Council and the board of the Cultural Development Foundation. Her goal is to inspire generations through Education, Advocacy and of course pageantry and fashion; using education as a "force for good"

Her life mission is "to inspire and mold young minds through education, advocacy and pageantry while encouraging them to be their best and most authentic selves." Musically trained, presently she is a Primary School teacher and former music educator in Saint Lucia. She is also pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education; while she teaches Social Sciences and Language Arts. Earlyca is a dedicated teacher providing support to students by tutoring some of them on Saturdays.

Earlyca balances her reality and acceptance of life with her purpose, and among the world figures she would like to meet someday is Bishop TD Jakes, whose sermons and motivational deliveries she says, sets the tone for her day.